Thursday, March 10, 2005

S'more stuff to keep you entertained...

...or at least make you think. (Is it sad that that seems backwards from how it's normally said?)

media girl writes,

What a lot people -- mostly men -- don't seem to understand is that women's control over our own bodies is not negotiable. We are not slaves. We are not breeding machines to be regulated and controlled by the government.

Right on. In the meantime, Daily Kos notes that "This is my body".

We also learn, in a comment from Jo Miller

...about the derivation of the excellent word "kakistocracy[." I]t is not from the Yiddish kaka, though given the context you might be forgiven for thinking so. It's from the Greek kakistos, meaning worst. Kakistocracy is government by worst. Worst in the sense of "most hopelessly unqualified," or worst in the sense of "has fewer morals than a tuppenny skinhead crack whore." Or in this case both.
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