Monday, December 12, 2005

A Disassociation

I've been thinking a lot, lately, about politics and community and such. I had originally intended to write a nice long post about it. But, I think I'll just try to summarize my points briefly.

First, I'm tired of the Left. They don't get it much better than the Right does, and, frankly, they spend their time trying to correct wrongs (that's good) using the same techniques that created those wrongs in the first place, or at least perpetuate them (that's bad). So I'm leaving the Left. It was fun, we had some good times, but it's not working out.

Don't think that I'm giving up on what I think is right, though. And don't think I'm joining the Right or Center. Not really my style, either.

Second, I don't remember ever stating that I was a Black Ally. I remember possibly saying that I was a genderqueer ally. I could be wrong, and there might be more things that I've allied myself with in the past. No more. I formally dissolve my allied status with any groups that I've been allied with. The recent discussion (see below) about what an ally should and should not do have proven to me that I don't want to associate with a group of people (the allies) that would behave in that manner. Particularly with respect to a group I don't remember allying myself with in the first place.

I'm still going to argue/demonstrate/whatever for equality and such. But I'm not going to argue for an equality that excludes me because I'm white and male and (perceived) heterosexual. Or, perhaps more particularly, because they disagree with me. Those who wish to join me are free to do so, if they desire.

Third, I've decided that there's no use in arguing with someone who misunderstands what you write or chooses to focus on aspects not relevant to the topic. They will never understand because they are unwilling to try. People like that only serve to waste time, energy and distract the issue even further. I suppose it's lucky that this blog has approximately zero readers (give or take a few).

So, there you have it. I am no one's ally any longer. I belong to the groups I belong to, but that's it.

Don't force me into your group. I don't force you into mine.
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