Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hello everyone!

I've decided I'd like to run a game of Nomopoly, but in the interest of not confusing anyone looking for the usual game, I'm calling it Gnomopoly. The initial ruleset will be derived from the Nomopoly V initial ruleset, though there will have to be some modifications.

I'm planning on running the game via email, with 2-day turns, and 1-week proposal lengths. I can be talked into changing these plans.

I'm looking for at least 6 players, and probably no more than 12.

For those of you who don't know, Nomopoly is a Nomic board game. Nomic is a game about changing the rules of the game, so Nomopoly is a board game about changing the rules of the game, or, as the Nomopoly site says:

Basically, you can propose your own rules, and if the majority of the players approve of your proposal, it is accepted and becomes an official rule.

The game may last a couple months, or only a couple weeks, depending on how the rules evolve. So, is anyone game?

Leave a comment on my blog or on facebook, or email me directly if you know it, and we'll get things set up!
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