Sunday, September 02, 2007

One reason IMSLP is an important resource

One reason I contribute to IMSLP is that the scans on the site can (with, perhaps, a few exceptions) be used by anyone to create new, worthwhile material. Although this is a simple example, I'll point to a recent Mutopia release, Scriabin's Etude in c#, Op. 2 #1, which is based on the IMSLP score ( Now that this piece has been transcribed into Lilypond format, it can more easily be updated, arranged, or reformatted, which benefits anyone who is interested in it. And, although this piece is just a piano piece, many other pieces are made available this way, including ones for which individual parts are not widely available.

And that's why IMSLP in particular—and the public domain in general—are important.
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