Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Something to help make Windows suck less

Here's a program that helps Windows suck less: AutoHotKey, which is basically a scripting language/interpreter for intercepting keystrokes and acting on them.

It allowed me to write the following, which is the "Clipboard Swap" command I thought would be occasionally useful. (Clipboard Swap: It copies highlighted text to the clipboard while replacing it with the current clipboard contents. It's activated by Windows-v).

tempClip := clipboard
Send, ^c
ClipWait,0.5, 1
tempClip2 := clipboard
clipboard := tempClip
Send, ^v
clipboard := tempClip2

Just copy the script, paste it into, eg, ClipboardSwap.ahk , and then run that file with AutoHotKey (you may want to include it in your Startup folder so it's loaded every time).

Inasmuch as the above code is copyrightable, I hereby relinquish it to the public domain.

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