Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Age 34: Goals

Here are my goals for the upcoming year(s).

This Year:

  • Go skiing at least once
  • Go biking regularly
    • Use bicycle as a mode of transportation e.g. for grocery shopping
    • Biking with Jane and by myself
  • Compose two pieces of 3-5 minutes each
  • Go hiking at least once
  • Go to a hot springs
  • No missed pede comics
  • Write in journal at least weekly, preferably daily
    • not just what happened, but how I feel about it
  • Figure out how to achieve long-term goals
    • Determine goals
    • 3-month check-ins
    • Schedule time to work on them
Five Years:
  • Have a piece of music published professionally
  • Complete DREaM Cycle
Ten Years:
  • Retire

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