Monday, August 23, 2004


Well, it's back to school. Parts are good. Parts are not so good. I like my EM class. I dislike my "modern physics" class. I had to drop a class and scramble to find a new one because it turned out that the one I had fulfilled a core requirement that I'd already fulfilled. I still have one more tomorrow. So, a lot of fun.

In other news, I'm strongly leaning towards DelPhi this semester, especially after tonight's PhiSig meeting. When we had the meeting for DelPhi last night, it was great to see everyone again, and I was very enthousiastic. But, when we had the PhiSig meeting... Well, I just didn't feel it.

Lessee, what else? Sunday I went to a LAN party in Loveland, which was fun.

Oh! I ordered a laptop last week, too. And it came to my parents' house today, so I'll have to go get it tomorrow.

I think I'll try to volunteer down at Left Hand Books on Tuesdays. That might be fun. Assuming that I get homework taken care of, of course.

Friday will be a Welcome Queers BBQ, and will be fun as well. Maybe I'll meet some nice boys. And so on.

...And for those of you wondering about the title of this entry, we've decided that 'Bite!' is the name of the game the cats play.
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