Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Tea Spot et al.

I just got back from Queer Night at The Tea Spot. I liked it a lot. The tea (and they have about 100 different types of tea) was very good, and the company was as well. Not to mention one of the employees is very cute. I may have to make it a regular occurance...

In other news, physics is actually going well, for some strange reason. I seem to understand more than my classmates (or, at least, the ones at the review session), but even though not everyone is getting it, the professor doesn't seem like he's going to back down with his expectations. Which is very good.

I also finally got a frame for my "Map of the Sandwich Isles" drawing (after, oh, three or four years of having it). The frame is a middle brown wood (I think mahogany, but I don't know about such things), and matches one of the mattes. I hung it on me wall. It makes it look that much more classy in here. Now I just need to get a hook for the other painting (okay, actually a print) and we'll be good.

And a chair. And a lamp. Yep.

So, Amy's in Boston now, off on her MIT adventure. I hope that things are going well. I think she'll be fine, but she has to make it through the first week.

I got Gentoo installed on my laptop, after much fun with the kernel configuration. It's not completely ready yet; I need to set up X and some other things, like the wireless card, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy. I screwed up the windows install that was on there before, as I expected to (it wouldn't defrag correctly, so I ended up blowing away whatever was on the second half of the hard drive. Unfortunately, as near as I can tell, it was the NTFS file data, so consequently I couldn't access any of the files at all). But, no big loss. I'll have to reinstall some things, but the only pieces of work I had on there were the Woody Guthrie project and some homework, which I was prescient enough to copy over to my flashdrive. I love my flashdrive!

Anyway, that's about it. I need to finish my homework and get some things ready for DLP and PSP.
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