Friday, February 11, 2005

A month later...

...and I still haven't posted about Steve and my 3-month anniversary. So, let me enlighten you.

It was a Friday night, and I took the S down into Denver, and got on the mall shuttle to head towards the Barnes and Noble that we had agreed to meet at. Imagine my surprise, then, when Steve gets on at one of the stops at the mall! I've always said my timing was good, but wow! Anyway, we rode the shuttle to our stop and went into the bookstore, where we spent a good deal of time looking at books (the reservation wasn't for an hour or so). Then, we went over to the restaurant, Maggiano's, and were seated. Very classy place, serves Italian food. Very good and big Italian food. Anyway, so we order and have some wine and garlic bread, generally enjoy ourselves and eat (half, it turns out) of the dinners (I can't remember what it was called... I don't think it was cannoli, but I dunno). Then we decline dessert and pay (well... okay, Steve paid... :-P) and go over to Tarantula Billiards, which is a pool hall (never woulda guessed, huh?), and shoot a couple of games of pool, which was fun.

Now the annoying part.

We decide to head back to Steve's place, so we go outside and call a cab. As in, phone the cab company and request one be sent. Well, we stand out there for a while, and plenty of cabs go by, but none stop. Forty minutes go by, and Steve decides to call again. It'll be right out there, ten minutes, they say. Okay. We wait fifteen more, and he calls again. Hmm, no, turns out that our request was never put in. So, we've now spent an hour in the cold (like, near 0 F) waiting for a cab that wasn't coming. We say "screw this" and hail the next cab that comes, which takes us to Steve's place.

Anyway, that's about the whole story. Overall, a good night, but we learned something new about taxicabs.
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