Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Churchill and H. R. 418

Firstly, I'd like to point your attention to Where We're Bound's discussion of H. R. 418, which would, by WWB's interpretation, would be "the end of laws." He says:

Let me restate that in plain English for you: If H.R. 418 is passed into law, the Secretary of Homeland Security, a Bush appointee nobody elected, will have the right to declare null and void any law...

No judges will have the ability to overrule the Secretary of Homeland Security’s judgment in declaring null and void ANY LAW.

EDIT:Take a look at the ACLU's interpretation.

Meanwhile, Radgeek writes about Hoppe and Churchill. He discusses how you don't have to agree with their arguments in order to agree that they have the right to make them, as well as drawing an important distinction between Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom.

Finally, Pizzuti speaks about Churchill's speech on Tuesday (Colorado Indymedia).

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