Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Open Source CMS Summit 2007, Day 0

Today has been interesting so far. The day started as normal (Steve got up and out and then I did, later ;-) ). I went to the store to get Steve some food for while I'm away, and then I called Matt Rose and Lynn Britten to see if they'd be willing to play in Brighton. I got ahold of Lynn, and he said that, yes, he'd be willing, but he's out of town for the next concert, so contact him next season. I left a message for Matt, and have recently gotten a voicemail that said he could maybe swing a rehearsal and the concert, but that's about it.

So, after I did my calling, I went down to my parents' place, since mom drove me to the airport. She and I had chinese for lunch, and played a couple games of cribbage (she beat me on the first, but I skunked her on the second!). Then, she took me to the airport, and off I went.

The airport wasn't bad, even security didn't give me any hassles (apart from the usual hassle of going through security), but my flight's gate was A64, which was way the heck PAST the original 'A' terminal, down a flight of stairs, a huge walk down ANOTHER (somewhat ghetto) terminal, and at the very end. It was... interesting. There weren't jetways out that far; we boarded the plane via ramp. (The plane was small, about 70 passengers).

The flight was mostly uneventful. I took some pictures out the plane window (um... probably more than I should've), but I don't know how they turned out because I forgot to bring my card reader. :-/ The flight got in early, though, which was nice.

Scott picked me up at the airport in his shiny new Civic Hybrid, which is very nice and rides very smooth. Then, we went by Google for dinner and Scott gave me a whirlwind tour of the main campus. It's amazing. I was very awed, and quite a bit intimidated by all the people there (it was 8 at night, and there were still hordes of people about). Scott showed me his office, which is very cool as well.

On the way to Google, I saw buildings for these companies: Yahoo!, EMC, and Microsoft (seems like there was another one, but I don't remember what it was). It's kinda intimidating to even be near all these giants.

Now, we're back at Scott's apartment (I understand why he has an apartment now; he said that little crappy holes out in Palo Alto cost $1.4 million. Yeah. $1.4 million.), and he's helping Chris with calc and I'm here writing. It's a nice apartment, a decent size for a single.

I'm excited about tomorrow. I just hope my 'awe' circuit doesn't blow before I'm done with the trip. ;-)
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