Thursday, March 22, 2007

Open Source CMS Summit 2007, Day 1, Part 2

At lunch I met a couple of folks, and ate a pretty tasty, though slightly-more-spicy-than-I-was-in-the-mood-for, turkey wrap. Then, it was back inside!

The next presentation was "Designer Eye for the Geek Guy/Gal", presented by Steve Wittens. Steve went over just about every element of visual design you could ask for, starting with typography and moving through style, structure, color, light & shadow, use of images and CSS (cascading style sheets), and he did a very good job. He also pointed out some of the things I'm constantly complaining about in design (just listen to me mumble sometime). Although my notes are rather long from this presentation, there isn't much more I have to say about it. I hope to find a video online soon.

Yahoo! Campus

The final session of the day ("Designer Eye" was a two-session session) was "Building Community Online" (Google video of the presentation), a discussion facilitated by Laura Scott, President of pingVision and apparently a Denver local. We discussed, unsurprisingly, many considerations in building and maintaining an active community online. However, we didn't seem to come to any conclusions, and while I think the discussion was interesting, I'm not sure I left with any better idea of how to create or foster community, whether online or in the physical world. One thing of note, however: the idea of community 'curation', or the community taking care of the previous content that's been created in it, for instance, writing up summaries of relevant posts in a forum community, or pointing others to where such interesting materials can be found.

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