Thursday, October 25, 2007

IMSLP is not dead!

From Feldmahler:

I have decided that in order to not kill myself (figuratively) from overload, I will not be taking major actions with regards to IMSLP until the end of this semester (in less than 2 months), unless circumstance dictate otherwise. However, I will continue accepting offers to own or host IMSLP, very preferably by Canadian organizations; please do contact . I will also be responding to e-mails and discussion on the forums, and very possibly prepare and release the IMSLP Mediawiki database within this time. I'm already in the middle of preparations for the continuation of IMSLP. No, IMSLP is not dead :)

And since this has appeared on Slashdot, let me respond here: I greatly thank Gutenberg Founder Michael Hart for his continued support and help offer in this matter. However, I have my reservations about being hosted in the United States, not the least of which being the fact that the US actually has a *much* rarier copyright term than Canada (in fact, US' copyright term is unique). But again, I greatly thank Michael for the offer; I believe that PG and IMSLP share many common goals. Incidentally, I have contacted Project Gutenberg Canada, and am currently awaiting a response.
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