Monday, October 22, 2007

IMSLP Update

Well, we've certainly generated some press about IMSLP.

Boing Boing says German music publisher claims that nothing is public domain until its copyright runs out in every country.

TechDirt says Canadian Public Domain Not Good Enough For German Publisher.

Howard Knopf of Excess Copyright says Über-Reaching C&D letter from Universal Edition’s CDN Lawyer.

ChoralNet's blog says Copyright vultures score again.

Usenet's group mentioned it.

Messages from the Ether discusses IMSLP v. corporate lawyers.

Michael Giest, apparently a prominent Canadian lawyer and music-lover, says Canadian Public Domain Told To Cease and Desist.

EDIT: The Register Sheet music site forced offline.

There's definitely some good news: Project Leader Feldmahler is looking for a large institution (ie, probably a university) to partner with to reopen the site. Huzzah!
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