Sunday, November 11, 2007


I tried out Audiveris the other day, and, although I could get it to run, it didn't work as expected, even with their demo. I haven't the foggiest what's going wrong, whether I don't have enough memory or am missing some library. Anyway, I can get it to run and load an image, but interpreting always fails, leaving me with nothing in the 'score' portion and a messed up display. So... that's unfortunate.


Brenton said...

Hi, I'm one of the developers for Audiveris. Thanks for your interest in the program, and sorry for any problems you're having. Could you post any more details, if you haven't already, on the mailing list (and subscribe to the list too)? We would be glad to help you there!

emeraldimp said...

Hi Brenton,

That was my fault; I didn't install java quite correctly. I have a newer post up.

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