Monday, February 09, 2004

Hmm... well, at this point I don't really care that much about the week before last anymore. In summation: I made a couple really big pancakes, which I thoroughly enjoyed, after making a mistake measuring the ingredients, I saw my former roommate that moved out, and apparently he's still in the building, so that must mean I'm a horrible roommate or something. Whatever. I have the apartment to myself :-p.

The retreat was GREAT! There wasn't as much time for fun as I would've liked and I think just about everyone else agrees. So we'll have to do another one soon so we can just play around. But we did get a lot of business done and we did some good bonding. I just hope everyone realizes it (even though some people don't show it as much as others).

Basically, I'm doing well. Busy as hell for the next few weeks (don't count on posts) due to a double rush schedule combined with midterms and actually doing my homework. Dean is starting to want out of his job, and from his description of it, I don't blame him. I want to console him but I'm not sure how, firstly, and two I don't have much time to spend with him right now. Eric is also depressed, which makes me sad. I've been calling his cell phone and leaving messages but he hasn't called back nor has he yet picked up the phone. I hope he's doing alright. Jason apparently had a breakdown over the weekend, most especially during the retreat, and to be honest I'm really surprised because I didn't notice a thing (PAY ATTENTION, GEOFF!).

Tonight was the first info night for Phi Sigma Pi, and we only had about 10 people show up. But, there was a HUGE biology test tonight, and many clubs also have meetings on Mondays. So, we're thinking and hoping that tomorrow will be better. There's a bowling/dinner event coming up with Delta Rho in a week or two, which should be fun. It's up in Greeley, but I think I'll take the time to go, if I can. I really want to be closer to the PSP brothers after seeing what it's like with DLP. I also need to get on the national listserv here soon... maybe I'll go ahead and do that right now. Well, after finishing with this post. Sunday I had a concert and a rehearsal, both of which went pretty well. The concert was with the Denver Pops and we held a fundraising dance at the El Jebel Shrine in Denver. It was a beautiful ballroom. I would love to play there all the time. Then, of course, afterwards was Bright'nJazz rehearsal, and then I came home and did homework since there was no DLP meeting this weekend. Today was school as usual, though I got a homework back where I got a 34/80. O.O Ouch. I hope I do better on the next few.

Well, I'd best get going. Have a great night, y'all!
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