Saturday, February 14, 2004

Well, I figured it's been quite a while since I put in a poem, so here you go! Lemme know what you think.

My Boy

His tears drop quietly on the hardened earth.
A day he had thought would be brimming with mirth
Turned ashen and barren with but a few words
A golden song soured into naught but a dirge

He stood there in silence as I turned around
And as I departed, he made not a sound
His face showing clearly the shards of his heart
A widening void he'd dreaded to chart.

He stood for ten minutes ere he turned to go
Making his way back through the glistening snow
Eyes on the ground, fragile heart crushed
He over whom I'd yesterday fussed

What in my heart had made me so cruel?
What could it be? Had he played the fool?
No, no fool was he. Nor willing torturer I.
It broke my heart beyond measure to watch him cry.

His heart has been mended, the slivers replaced.
From a distance I see a new joy in his face.
Another, far better, truly, than I
Has courted him since I told him good-bye.

His laughs and his smiles,
His innocent wiles,
The sparkle of his eyes,
all these come without guise.

So it was with me once
So it is with another
And though he is older
And smarter and wiser
He truly remains
in his heart, still

A Boy.

Where once there was laughter,
Where once there was joy
Now lives an aching,
A crying.
I love him still,
Though he can't be

My Boy.
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