Monday, May 03, 2004

Hey folks, probably should do some sort of update... but I'm not going to. I will discuss Google's gmail briefly, though (becacuse I like bandwagons). I like it. I haven't done an extensive test of it yet (I don't really get a lot of legitimate email, outside of the univ addy), but my absolute favorite feature is "Labels." Labels, says the documentation, are like folders, except that rather than putting messages into folders, you apply labels to the messages. And you can apply more than one. So I can finally oraganize my emails how I want to, in a manner that works conceptually well for me. Example: some messages I receive contain more than one type of content. Say a joke I really really like, and a letter from mom. Normally I'd end up putting it in the "mom" folder, putting it in the "jokes" folder, or leaving it in my inbox because I can't decide which is more important. With labels, I can say, "this is a joke" and "this is from mom," and when I want a good joke, I click on the "jokes" label. And when I want a letter from mom, I click on the "mom" label. Simple. Elegant. *mwah!* The thing that I want: the ability to merge "conversations," because sometimes a convo is continued but the thread itself is different.

Websites to check out:

Verifiable Electronic Voting websites:

And, for your persual, A Better Way Forward: Voluntary Collective Liscensing of Music File Sharing. I don't completely agree with the idea, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. (Not to mention well thought-out. I love the EFF [but not the fact that they're necessary].) Unlike these.
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