Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Okay, updates!

Finals are OVER! Yay! They were so much fun, too! Just checked my grades... four Bs and a C-. Not bad, not great. I was expecting a better grade from my Phonetics class, though. I'll have to email the prof.

MSO/Denver Pops is OFF for the Summer! I went to the potluck tonight. It was alright, I got the "Ecological Moocher" award for my mooching of car rides :-P

I've started work for LaFarge as a consultant. I'm not complaining, but they're paying me WAY too much. Full time for May, probably close to full time in June and most of July as well. I'll finally be able to afford school!

Amy won the Meester scholarship... Which surprised me muchly (not that she didn't deserve it, but none of us was expecting it).

I've decided that Nathan either isn't ready for a relationship or isn't interested, due to a complete lack of contact. Therefore I am ending it officially (right here and now) so that I don't end up bitter and enraged like I did with Craig. However, I have someone new to think about (I'd be a slut except for never sleeping with anyone ;-), so that keeps me warm at night. Now, I just have to tell HIM that I'm interested.

I have a new roommate, Nathaniel (what's with the Nathans?), who goes by Nat. It'll be interesting. He's cute (very skinny ^_^), but, I believe, straight. MechE. Stupid engineers.

Too much to do. Sigh. I think that's about all I have for the 30-second update. I must tell this mystery person (whom I have not disclosed 'cause he might read this... dunno) soon... because, reiterating the statement from November 22, 2003:

I need a boyfriend!
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