Sunday, September 18, 2005

Canadian Terrorists: Dropping the Eh?-bomb

Scott came up with the title for this post.

Brief update. Last night was Kyle's 21st birthday... and he got really really smashed. Hehe. Would've been better without the getting sick part, but you know how those things go.

Things are going well in general, though I'm busy with work, school and homework, as usual. I've been playing with the mediawiki, and it's mostly nice but there are some important features missing, like a calendar and better uploading capabilities.

Radgeek has announced another holiday, International Ignore the Constitution Day.

Oh, and the German elections didn't turn out with a clear winner (unsurprisingly), so that means it's probably Grand Coalition time... a joint German government of the two large centrist parties that claim to hate each other but only differ slightly in views and won't actually end up changing much. Oh, was anyone else frightened by Angela Merkel's claim to a "clear mandate", even though preliminary results showed 35% to 34% for the leading two parties? Sound familiar?

So much more to say, but so much homework to do, so ta for now.
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