Sunday, May 14, 2006

Strange Dreams

I've had some rather strange dreams lately. And now you're going to find out about them.

Last night was tornados. First, I dreamt that, for some reason, my sister and I were back at our elementary school. We had gone outside, and were playing in the sand (and unintentionally annoying some nearby idiots) when I spotted a relatively small tornado (about 4-5 feet across) that was within a few hundred yards. Don't ask me how we didn't hear it coming. Anyway, we all ran down to a nearby ditch and waited for it to pass, only it didn't pass. It came up to my sister and tried to suck her up into it. I was holding onto her and wouldn't let it, so it tried harder (being all malevolent-like), so then I somehow lifted my arm up into it and disrupted it. Then we ran. There was something about the idiots trying to attack us, but anyway.

Then, the next dream I had was when I was at my parents' house. My parents, sister and I were all set up to play some four-player chess (I've been researching chess variants lately. There are some really neat ones out there) when, once again, I looked out the window and spotted a huge tornado. This one was really big, and I was screaming and yelling for everyone to get into the basement but no one would listen. So I went down there by myself. It was the usual; howling, blowing, thundering, windows suddently breaking. When it was finally over, I went outside and saw that the neighbor's house was on fire. And parts of the yard. Dunno why that should be the case, but I put out what I could on the yard, and that was the end of that dream.

So much for tornados.

A few nights ago, I had a dream about a guy that I knew while I was in the dorms. Somehow or another, I was inside an MMORPG, looking for Steve. I was headed outside the little city-area I was in (it was kind of a middle-east feeling, and there were all sorts of animals; tigers and bears (no lions) and a few things that were purely of the imaginary world) and, just as I was coming to the gate, I saw him. We greeted, and moved out into another area of the city, and he gave me some advice on the game. We came to an arena where a huge crystal-like thing was suspended with hundreds of ropes. My friend tells me that, when it's swinging, then the newbie players can respawn easily, or something like that. So I start tugging on it. Meanwhile, he goes up a little ways, and jumps out onto a rope. He starts swinging, which manages (presumably with my help) to get the pendulum moving again. Then, he swings up and over the rope a couple of times, lets go, and does the most beautiful dive, head first, right into the hard dirt below. Broke his neck, I'm sure. Then, he was pulled to the center by a large, tentacles creature, and pulled down into a hole in the center. It was quite disturbing. Of course, then he respawned near the entrance to the area, and I saw him and he waved before he left, but it was still strange. Plus he has a nice ass. ;-)

Anyway, that's all for this post.

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