Saturday, December 23, 2006

Twelve things you notice when you have Pentapedes

The pentapede is a semi-intelligent, tarantula-sized, five-legged hemovore (blood-eater... I can't find any real references online for this word, so...) with a spider-like carapace. They also like to dance. And bite.

Mostly they bite.

Steve and I have come up with a holiday song comemerating the pentapede, entitled, "Twelve Things You Notice when You Have Pentapedes," sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

The verse goes:

The first thing you notice, when you have pentapedes,
is the body on top of their legs.

And the things you notice are:
  • Twelve puncture wounds

  • Eleven beady eyes

  • Ten legs... wait a minute...

  • Nine hours recovery

  • Eight-minute poison

  • Seven foot-high jumping

  • Six daily feedings

  • Five Hairy Legs!

  • Four crying kids

  • Three dead pets

  • Two slavering fangs

  • And a body on top of the legs!

Merry Pentamas!
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