Monday, November 17, 2003

I've changed my mind. Jessie and Jeff are too cute a couple to break up. Sigh, oh well. :-p

Anyway, today's been pretty normal. Got up, went to work, sliced turkey and ham and cheese and bread. Yay. Then class. French was pretty boring, we just worked on corrections of a composition that he handed out to us. Anglo-Saxon was kinda fun, we were working on translating some modern computer terminology into A-S, and he also handed out some middle english for us to look at, and middle english seems pretty simple compared to A-S. Linguistics wasn't anything special, and neither was lunch. And now, I'm here. Maybe something interesting will happen later today. I've got a GSA meeting at 6, which is supposed to be a special presentation on "How to be a Good Ally," which is always informative, and then at 8 there's a Phi Sigma Pi meeting, which could be good or could be boring, we'll see. Afterwards, I've got nought but my physics homework to work on.

I haven't seen Craig for about a week now. I hope he's alright, probably the lazy bum's been sleeping through Physics. If he misses many more without a good excuse he'll have to be on his own; I'm not lending my notes to someone who doesn't bother to come to class.

Well, I'm about to start my office hours. Hopefully we'll get a computer in the office soon and I'll be able to do some work in there. Oh well. Later.
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