Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Well, I'm in a good mood due to the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling. For those of you who won't take the time to click on the link, the ruling was a 4-3 decision overturning the state's ban on same-sex marriage, saying that it was unconstitutional. The court turned to the legislature to correct the laws "to the benefit of gay couples." Of course, there are many things left to do, and, as the article states, the state isn't handing out marriage licenses yet. If marriage in Massachusetts is legal, however, there will be precedent, and couples married in Massachusetts may be able to challenge the DOMA laws in effect throughout the rest of the nation, which refuse to acknowledge same-sex couples from other states, due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause in the United States Constitution. On the other hand, Hawaii and Alaska have had similar rulings, which merely resulted in the passage of DOMA laws and the amendment of the states' constitutions. It is, however, a step forward.

In more personal news, I found out that the GSA meeting was cancelled because the president, Kimberley, was in the hospital. So, I hope I'm on the mailing list now, and we'll see whether communication can be improved. Also today, had a 5-minute meeting with my linguistics advisor, basically touching base. Unfortunately, I walked out early from my physics class to do so. Oh well. No Craig today, either. I'm starting to wonder what's up. I have a suspicion he's just not coming to class, which is something that definitely appeals to me. Anyway. Got a parking permit so that my parents can give me the car when they go out of town this weekend so I can feed the pets. Fun. I hope the timing will manage to work out. I'm looking forward very much to Thanksgiving this year, mostly because I'm tired of school and I'm hungry. So I think I'll go fix myself something to eat.

A bad limerick:

A toasted cheese sandwich is nice
If you've got no sugar or spice.
But for a well-balanced meal
You'll need a good feel
For freshly-picked onions and rice.
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