Sunday, November 16, 2003

Wheeeeeeee!!! So... now I have a blog.

Wheeeeeeee!!! So... now I have a blog.

This weekend: whew. Busy as ever. Okay, well not really, but here's what happened.

Friday night, I go to my parents' house to spend the weekend. Watched television, went to bed. Fun. Oh, and my sister's engaged. With a ring and everything. Looks like the One Ring to me, only without the creepy Mordor writing. They're going to get them engraved when they're married, and then they'll become wedding bands.

Saturday, I get up about 9, shower etc, head over to Bobbette's about 10 to have quartet rehearsal. She had just found out about Arte really being a girl on Wednesday, and is cool with it but thinks Arte needs to make a decision as to whether she's going to portray herself as a man or a woman. Anyway, they had a long talk about it, and then Bobbette called me back and we have a relatively long talk about it as well. Anyway, so I decided that I should come out to Bobbette and Eizo, who are also in the quartet. Well, I came out to Bobbette, but I didn't quite get the chance for Eizo. We also had a couple extra violinists that came, Chan and his girlfriend Jen. Chan's okay, but not as good as Eizo. And Jen's not as good as Chan is. But, they're both decent players, so we'll see how things turn out. I also got to play with Bobbette's new digital recorder. Yay! That was fun, but I couldn't get it to play out to her sound system (we think we hooked up the cords wrong). Well, more to play with next week.

At 1, Bobbette and I went over to Orchestra rehearsal. The director, Kat, was out of town, so I lead this week. I think we had a good rehearsal. We went through all the pieces we're going to play in the Christmas concert, and had time to really work on a few. It was definitely a good rehearsal.

Then, after that, I went back home. Mom and I went out to get some food for dinner (chicken) and a couple movies for the night (The Hours and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat). Mom made dinner and I watched. Then we watched The Hours, which I had to watch for my Intro to LGBT Studies class. It was good, not as good as the book (by Michael Cunningham), though. Then, we watched some tv and eventually went to bed.

Today, Sunday, I got up, read the comics (which is definitely something I miss when I'm at my apartment), and had a breakfast of croissants and omelettes. Yum! Then, eventually, mom and I decided to watch Joseph, which... is... weird, but very good. I like the music (but then, it's Andrew Lloyd Weber, so what should I expect?). Costuming was very good also. The settings were... weird. Weirder than I thought they'd be for a story from the Bible.

Anyway, then I took my shower, watched some of Nightmare Before Christmas and went to jazz rehearsal, which I was again directing. It was okay, but not the best rehearsal I've led. Oh well. Then, home again for dinner and back to my apartment to drop off some of my stuff. Then, to Delta Lambda Phi Interest Group meeting. It was... actually pretty boring this week. Oh well, that's what I get for walking in late, after the gladitorial combat. And now, I'm writing this blog instead of my french homework, which I'm not going to do anyway tonight. So there. And that's my weekend.

In hopes of starting a tradition, a bad limerick:

What is it that I've I never done?
I've never had sex with someone.
I've never been drunk
A class ever flunked
Or turned down the chance for a pun!
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