Saturday, November 22, 2003

Okay, Satuday night. Friday went alright... nothing particularly special about work or school. ran into Papu on the way home, managed to "lie" about what I was doing that night so he didn't find out about the surprise party. The party was fun if short. We met at Brandon's and about 8 headed over to Papu's. Cake and chips, talk and some dancing, and of course SPONGEBOB! Then a bunch of folks decided to go to Static, so I came back to my parents' house to take care of the pets. Whee!

Today, well it started snowing. And so the roads were bad. So I carpooled with Kat to rehearsal, where we had 12 folks show up, which was about 7 more than we were expecting. Oh, quartet rehearsal was cancelled this week, and next week, too. Anyway, after rehearsal, back home and... TV for about 6 hours. And here we are.

I need a boyfriend.
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