Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Umm... so it's been a few days. Let's see if I can get everyone caught up.

Last Wednesday, work was different because we were preparing for a much smaller group of students than usual. So we actually spent the first part of the day helping the Emporium out. Then, we cut some rolls and such and some cleaning. We even cut some brownies. Then, after work, class was okay. No rehearsal due to Thanksgiving, and so I went home that evening (after a brief confusion over the viewing of X2, which we actually got around to watching Sunday.)

Thursday was fun. My cousin Terry and Aunt Lauri came over for "dinner" at about 12:30. Dinner was good, turkey and stuffing and cranberries and all sorts of good stuff. Amy had to work, unfortunately, but she got to come for some of the games. We mostly played ard games, though we did get some Yahtzee in, as well. It was about 7, I think, by the time that Lauri and Terry went home. Can't remember what else happened that day, nothing of great import, obviously.

Friday my parents and I went to see a friend of dad's about making a webpage for the company she works for. It sounds pretty easy, but the trouble is that I'm going to have to actually do something on it eventually. Which is not... my usual M.O. But the meeting went well, they're looking forward to the page, and I'm definitely looking forward to having some extra money. So that's all good.

Saturday was rehearsal for orchestra, before which we went to the hospital for lunch, and which went reasonably well, and Sunday we had jazz rehearsal. So, the weekend was busy enough but not greatly busy.

Monday... Well, PSP met at Mongolian BBQ, which was fun and tasty. It was the last meeting of the semester, so there were awards handed out and everybody had a good time. There was the usual cliquiness, but that's expected. We'll keep working on it. I got two awards, the "hardest working e-board member" award and the "Most Willing to take on Anything" award, aka the "I will wrestle an Alligator" (their comment) or the "I start stuff that I never finish" (my comment) award. I did get the email lists up and running, though. And I also have been a relatively decent recsec. But, the webpage's not up yet. But that's a project for next semester.

Tuesday, I got my history test back. I got an 80 on it, which means I have a guaranteed A- in the class, which is good enough for me. I may take the final, but I probably won't. I will be going to class, though, unless CRAIG SHOWS UP TO PHYSICS and we decide to have lunch or something. (Craig has not been to class since... well, for several weeks.) A week and a day until the end of class. Two and a half weeks until the end of school. I CANNOT WAIT!

I will be 20 tomorrow. No longer a teenager. And I've not kissed a boy nor had a boyfriend. I'm starting to get depressed about it, too. Not seriously depressed, mind you, just annoyed that I suck so much and yet there's no one there. (Take THAT in the sense thou wilt).

Oh, also last night, I went to a presentation on BDSM. It was very interesting. Learned a whole bunch about the subculture and also a little bit about technique. The presentor is a very promenant man in the local and national scenes. And he's very good with a whip. He did a couple demonstrations (not full-fledged scenes, of course). I should've spoken with him to get info on joining the Scene, I guess. It's something I want to try, but I've been 1) too busy and 2) too chicken to really do it. But, perhaps I will yet. We shall see.

For today, well it was work and school. Ditched my office hours. Doing laundry currently. Have rehearsal tonight if I can find a ride.

Stupid lousy state of boyfriendlessness.
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