Monday, December 15, 2003

So, I'm thinking ritual suicide is a good option at this point.

Hi, I'm back from my physics final which was this morning. It kicked my ass from here to Mars and back again. I think I'll be lucky to pass the class. English is definitely looking like a good major right now.

Since the last update, good and bad things.

Wednesday night was rehearsal, which got out early, which was nice. Thursday was sleep-and-work-on-take-home-exam-and-paper day. And then go to class and turn them in. And then do a dance for joy because class is over for the semester. Yay! Afterwards, I went to jazz rehearsal for the concert on Saturday. Rehearsal was alright, nothing really great, though. Got my mail from my parents'. Friday I worked for four hours 'cause I didn't have any class and then came back and wasted my time on my computer for a while until the guys came over and we wrapped presents for the family we're adopting. We talked for a while afterwards, and they decided my apartment needs to be "queer eyed," so wednesday afternoon we're going shopping. 'Twill be interesting, and hopefully not too expensive.

Saturday was my french final. It either went well or very poorly. We'll see. After that, the jazz band played for the Festival of Lights (actually, we played before the parade started because we played during it last year and it was much too cold for us). There were good parts and bad parts, as usual. Afterwards, I came home and went to Fiasco's to meet the Brothers and most of the rest of the pre-colonists. Then we headed back to the Brothers' hotel room and talked and played "Mafia." It was much fun. I played four games and was the murderer twice. In a row. Mwhahahah! I almost got away with it the second time.

Sunday morning I had to work for four hours starting at 7:30. We had a banquet buffet that we had to prepare for. I was only able to snitch one half of a potato pancake, though, because I had to rush home and over to Fred's to get to the DPO concert. The concert went really well, actually. My parents came and said they enjoyed it a lot. Then, back up here, and I was able to make up a quick pizza thingie before heading off to Induction. Actually, Webb saw me along the way, and I didn't have anything decent to dress in, so he let me borrow some of his clothes. Thanks Webb! I'm going to need to get a tie and find where the hell my khakis have disappeared to (they must be at my parents' house, since there's nowhere here to hide). Induction was fun, and interesting. The view from the mountain is amazing. I must start hiking. Eighteen of us is quite a number, but I think we can do it. Afterwards we went back to the UMC and had a little party/meeting. There's a lot ahead for us to do, but I know that we all can do it. We also got divided up into "families" by who our Big Brother is. Mine had to leave earlier than he expected, so he wasn't there, but that's alright. We've got surrogates for when he's not here. My siblings are: Jeff and Tony. Yay! I like Jeff and Tony (wait-a-minute, I like everyone...). After the meeting, we went to OC and hung out for a while. Brandon can be such a sweetie sometimes.

We're a colony now! Yay! And we're on the map, too!

Anyway, I think that's about all I've got to tell you right now. Queer eye for the queer guy on Wednesday, I'm meeting with Veronica on Tuesday to go over the website, and Thursday is clubbing/partying, as is Friday, come to think of it. I need to get gifts for people yet. Eep.

Stupid physics.
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