Friday, December 05, 2003

Hmm, well I just read Jason's blog and... whew, if only he weren't conservative. Stupid lousy intelligent conservative fags. Where are all the prudish intelligent anarchist fags? Oh well. Anyway, I realized what I'm doing wrong: I'm not posting anything interesting. Let me rephrase that. I've been describing events, which dad says is on the second level of intelligence. (Below that is discussing people, and above it is ideas.) So it's time to step it up a notch.

But first I need to think.

This is actually something that's been disturbing me for some time. I used to think. I used to have ideas and intelligent conversations. I also used to enjoy my music and get pleasure from reading. Lately, however, I've... stopped.

I was talking with Jeff the other day, and we came to point in the conversation where I said that my geekiness was in decline. "I used to be a tech geek," I said, "but haven't been recently. I'm more into RPGs and comics." "You've fallen backwards," Jeff told me. And he's right.

I've begun to correct the situation, I hope. I've begun reading again, poetry in particular. I read a collection of T.S. Eliot the other day and I just finished reading a collection of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as well. I liked Longfellow better than Eliot because of the meter and rhyme. Eliot's style does not very much appeal to me. But, and perhaps I have read superficially, neither seems to have much import to me. They seem pretty, but merely for pretty's sake. I am about to embark on a reading of Sir Thomas More's Utopia, which should interest me much more than the poetry.

A piece of advise: read Nozick. And then laugh at him.

And the obligatory rundown of my last few days:

Yesterday was my birthday. It was nice. I'm not at all displeased with it. Of course, I still ended up alone at the end of the night, but you know what a prude I am. Here's what happened. I woke up early for some reason (I think it was the jerks galloping around in the hallway screaming, but I could be wrong. I have been waking up early lately), got showered and went into work to turn in my finals schedule and collect my goody bag for "Student employee appeciation day." It's basically food, which is good, but not really what I was hoping for. Plus the soda was Mountain Dew. Anyway, physics was okay (No Craig again, I swear I'm going to beat that boy to a bloody pulp if I see him tonight) and I went to history because, as Jason says, I'm here to get an education. And it was interesting, the lecture gave me new insight into the connectivity of the world by the manifold (from anglo-saxon maniyfeald 'complicated'. I apologize for the lack of the yogh... my system doesn't seem to have it on any of my fonts and I can't find its unicode reference) reasons for the collapse of Rome (western Rome, anyway). Everything from the barbarian hordes to the public baths to the changing climate to a love of cheesecake (from the Farmer's Almanack, a veritable wellspring of verifyable and easily tested information) has been blamed for the fall. And it's cool to imagine the interplay of all these factors "converging" to lead to the fall of central political authority in the west.

Anyway, after class I met Nara and Jill for lunch, and that was good. Jill and I went to the bookstore, where they were having a sale and a drawing for an iPod, as well as cider and cake. (I didn't win the iPod, at least I haven't received anything saying that I did and they had me leave my phone number and email address.) Nara used the time to work on a paper she's writing for class. Afterwards, Jill and I picked Nara up and played some pool. This was about 2pm, which is when the cute british guy had been coming in. Unfortunately, he was not there yesterday. Then I went to LGBT studies, where there was a presentation on gays in television, which was interesting. I came back, and went up to see Brandon for a while. I actually finished my page for the fraternity bio-book, yay! It looks cool, too. Papu came and hung out with us for a while, and then Papu and I went to go watch Kyonee perform in a series of one-act plays. Well, he was in three of them. He's a rather decent actor. I was quite impressed. After, I came back home and it was bedtime.

Today... Work, school, nothing special Going to a party tonight provided things work out well. We'll see.

Some poetic nonsense:

A jibber once danced on my head
"Your head is quite hard," he said,
"It's large, and it's thick!"
So I grabbed up the prick
And that night on jibber I fed.
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