Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Okay, new look for the blog 'cause I thought the default style had been there long enough. More changes ahead? Who can say? Probably.

Hmm, well let's see. Monday night I... screwed around on the computer until bedtime. Played some Freeciv for a while until it unexpectedly crashed on me. I'm not angry though. Firstly, it was just the client that crashed; the server was still up and running, and secondly I don't think there were any other players in the world. Not even AI, so I'll have to figure out how to do that soon here.

Tuesday, Physics was cancelled because the sub got in a car accident on the way to class, so I'm hoping the final won't have much on PDEs. Rise/Fall Rome was interesting. The prof went over some sample test questions and then described some work he'd done in Turkey at Aperlae. After that was lunch, and I was heading back home when I saw Sarah, so I decided I should probably do some office hours and followed her up to the office. Fortunately, Scott had left a Game Developer Magazine in the office, and I read that for a while before I read some more Utopia. Then to LGBT Studies, where we had our final presentation. All that remains is to turn in my paper revisions and take the final. Woohoo! I worked a bunch on the paper last night, and on my Semantics take-home as well. So far, so good.

This morning, work... And I found out that my work schedule for finals week is actually going to work out! Of course, I have to go in at 7:30 on Sunday, but otherwise it's very nice. Class today was okay. Gave my email addy to Andy, we'll see whether anything comes of that. I ran into Todd after lunch and spoke with him for a while before coming back here. Then Papu and Kyonee dropped by, those silly boys. We talked for a while before they had to go do some work. And here I am.

Utopia's... interesting. Some aspects about it, such as the seemingly socialist nature of Utopia, are very appealing. Other aspects discussed, such as essentially permanent enslavement of thieves (though, granted, this was in a neighboring country and, in addition, did sound quite a bit better than capital punishment), are appalling. Nevertheless, it's interesting so far, once I get past the wall of language that is old formal english (not anglo-saxon, though).

That's 'bout it for now.

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