Thursday, December 18, 2003


The rest of Monday went alright. To be honest I don't remember much of it, but that's not because I was drinking. Tuesday most of the colony went over to drop off the gifts for the family, and then Papu Kyonee and I walked Tony to his final, then I went to help Nara move into her new dorm room. Met her father, who really reminds me of Rader's dad. Anyway, then we went to dinner at Libby and I went to the UMC to meet with Veronica. She's got a lot of ideas about how she wants the site to be updated, but I think she doesn't have so many about the design, so that's good. It gives me some creative freedom and some time to think about the design as well. We talked about it for an hour. I also got the passwords from Eugene for the website and the email address, which is a hugely good thing since Veronica wanted me to create email lists for the judicial and legislative boards, and the name that I had picked for the leg board was already taken... By the ASSG... so, now that I've got the password for the list, I can start doing that. Plus I can get into the website now, too. And eventually I'll tell them how to use the outlook thingy with the email. Or maybe we'll just transfer the account back to webmail. Either way.

Wednesday morning was the Intro to LGBT Studies final. It was really easy. And the prof brought muffins and orange juice! And green carnations for us, a la Oscar Wilde. Yay! And I got an A- on my revised paper, so that's definitely a good thing. I came back here and played around on my comp some more (I've been learning to use the GIMP lately), and along about 2:30 I started wondering where Jason was, and whether or not we'd be doing the queer eye thing. Turns out he assumed that I'd be going with Chris & Co to LotR:RotK, which I totally would've been, except that I thought we were going to do the Queer Eye thing. But, it did work out, we went to see the 3:30 showing (which got out at 7, doncha love it?), and then we went to dinner. The movie was AWESOME. Gorgeous, exciting, I laughed occasionally, I was teary-eyed in certain parts, I really don't like it when people clap for a non-live performance but oh well, they were excited. And, of course, as Jason said, Elijah Wood is hot even when he's dirty and injured. My stance is still that these three movies are a masterpiece.

Anyway, that about brings us to now. I'm going to lunch with Tony in a little bit here and then hang out with Scott. But first, a shower.

Oh, yeah! My Big Brother is a drag queen! Hehe, how cool is that?
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