Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Hey everyone (yes, all three of you ;-). Well, I'm back at my parents' house now, so that probably means the updates will be less frequent. But, on the plus side, they will probably also be longer. Well, maybe that's a plus. Do you like snippets or novels?

Anyway, since Thursday morning: I had lunch with Tony, and it was a good lunch, he'd had his review Thursday and one of his staff had given him poor feedback, so he was a little upset about that, but otherwise things were going well. After that, I called Scott and we had coffee with Todd (where we ran into Clay, who later IMed me to tell me that they are both cute, which I was aware of). After coffee we stopped by my apartment, picked up my (old) computer and played some AoE at his house. It was fun, though it took me a little while to get into the game and understand what I needed to do. Afterwards, Sarah showed up since they were going to a movie with some friends that night, and we were on the way to my apartment when I somehow mentioned that I was going clubbing that night but didn't really have suitable clothes. So Scott and Sarah decided it would be fun to help me pick out new clothes, and I admit it was kinda fun, though I think they forgot that I was going to a gay club since they insisted that I wear a white shirt underneath an unbuttoned shirt. Silly folks.

Anyway, after I got back to my apartment and took a shower, I headed over to Jason's apartment. I was right... as soon as I walked in, they started picking at my outfit. They had me lose the white undershirt and wear one of David's shirts instead of my button-up shirt. They also made me change me shoes from my admittedly not-that-comfortable brown "tennis" shoes to a larger but ultimately less comfortable pair of near-boot clown shoes. Or at least, that's how they felt on me. But, apparently I looked good, so who am I to complain? At about this point they decided that they wanted to see my physique, which I admit is not quite stunning. But, they asked for it, and I had already had at least something to drink following no dinner, so I'm sure my judgment wasn't the best at the time, so I unbuttoned my shirt and showed them. They decided that I needed to work out with them since I had a relatively decent body already and I haven't been working out.

Anyway, after a few more glasses of rum and coke, or who knows what they were fixing by then, Jessie called and asked if we wanted a ride. We immediately accepted, and were fortunate to have a DD for the evening. Thanks Jessie! The club, Dream, was alright. I've decided that it's much more fun when you're drunk because the flashing lights are pretty instead of annoying and the music isn't too loud. So I danced, and danced, and lost a cup of ice and a poster to the dance floor because of my drunkeness... And eventually a number of folks had shown up. And it was fun. But despite his promise, Jason did not pimp me out to anyone, so I still haven't ever kissed a boy. Oh well.

As we were leaving the club, we were standing outside talking, and apparently I looked cold because Brandon offered (practically insisted) that I take his jacket. I wasn't cold, so I refused, but he's still such a sweetie. More about Brandon in a bit.

After the club, we went to Denny's, and there was nearly a fight in the restaurant when some guys came in and picked a fight with an apparently random table. It was not us, fortunately.

Then we went back to Jase's and I picked up my clothes and Jessie took me home (to my home, silly). Oh, Jessie, if you read this, and I say this while completely sober: I think you're hot and you are the reason I joined the fraternity (though the one is not the cause of the other).

Friday morning I found out about what happened to my Big Brother, Dusty. While I was out dancing and being drunk (though not disorderly, unless you count the dancing), he was attacked at a gas station for the ostensible reason that he is white (the other was black, though I count it likely that the other was drunk, as well). To make matters worse, the police that arrived on the scene refused to do anything about it, neither make arrests nor even look at the video footage. And I can't express my sadness about our world that such things happen in it, probably several every hour. It's a senseless world. And I don't know what to do about it.

Anyway. I played a while longer with the GIMP before Brandon called to see if I wanted to hang out a while before the "Round the World" alcohol party that the sixth floor was having. So, I headed up, and "Buddhist" Brian was there and so were Kyonee and Papu, and we had a fun time. Some other people came and went, and the party never really got much beyond Brandon's apartment. But that was alright with me. We had tequila (don't even bother. Yuck!), vodka (yay!) and rum (yay!). So suffice it to say I was very drunk that night.

I must say that I'm very impressed with Brandon, whether he was drunk or not, in the way that he managed us and kept us from drinking too much. He even knew how to stop Papu, which was a very good thing, since Papu doesn't quite know when to stop yet. There was some dancing (yes with Brandon), which was difficult since there wasn't much room, but we made it happen. There were some charades. There was Geoff trying to decide whether he should make a pass at Brian so he could at least have a kiss before the New Year (didn't happen). And towards the end, when I was quite drunk, I got emotional while talking with Brandon. And I admitted that I like him, but that I'm scared of him. And that I wanted to be with him. And I stand by that now. I am scared, but I have seen that he cares deeply for us, and that he is a good man. I must not do anything for now, because we are both pledges in the same pledge class, but that will only be for a few months. I enjoyed my drunken cuddle-time. :-)

Anyway, eventually I stumbled home (which meant down the hall to the elevator, then down another hall to my apartment) and collapsed into bed after hearing a message from mom saying that they were going to be by about noon to pick me up the next day. Not something you really want to hear at 4 in the morning.

Anyway, I woke up drunk, which was a surprise to me. Saturday was shopping with Amy. Sunday nothing out of the ordinary happened, except that I found my knitting needles and yarn and am trying to learn how to knit. Monday Amy had her wisdom teeth out, which put her our of it for most of the day, though the surgery went really well and she's actually doing really well right now. Today (Tuesday despite the log entry date) I mostly hung around the house, except for going to a rehearsal for a Christmas eve service I'm playing in. No, no, I'm not Christian, but I am a musician, and musicians are notably mercenary. A gig's a gig, after all, and even if I'm not getting paid (which I believe is the situation) at least some folks know about me and I might get some gigs out of this. For the gig on Saturday, well, Bobbette hopefully got the music back from Chan today, and I still haven't heard from Eizo, so if I don't hear from him soon I'm going to have to try to find a substitute and fast.

Okay, well hopefully that kept you entertained as long as it did me. Have some happy holidays and wish me luck.

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