Saturday, September 25, 2004

Even the Street Bums are Beautiful!

I was down in Denver recently for a PhiSig fundraiser. The original plan was to hand out stuff at the Rockies game in exchange for money (for the group). But... The game was postponed due to weather. So we, already being in Denver, decided to take the opportunity to have some dinner with our Brothers and went to the Lodo Bar and Grill. This is all well and good. Coming back to the car from the restaurant, we passed a guy sitting on the street (who I will not say was a street bum, necessarily) who was eating a bucket of fried chicken.

We weren't quite sure what was going to happen, but I had the strong feeling that he was going to speak to us. Sure enough, he does, though he doesn't say anything that I was expecting: "D'you want some chicken?"

I declined politely.

In other news, we will have four in our DelPhi Gamma class, which should be fun. I saw Farenheit 9/11 last night, which I thought was very well done. You do have to be able to filter Michael Moore's commentary, such as "What was he thinking? Was he thinking, 'I should've spent more time at work'?" from the actual events that happened, but he has a very good point. It should shock you, especially the footage of the war. (I was disgusted, but not shocked. I think the world is in far worse shape than even Moore paints it, but eh).

Oh! And there was this guy in the class before my morphosyntax class that not only LOOKED like Harry Potter, was WEARING a yellow and red jersey-like shirt that said "Potter" on the back. I wanted to take him home and have wild monkey sex, but I went to class instead.

That's about it for now. Still not King.
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