Sunday, September 19, 2004


I last checked the site ( a couple of days ago. They were around 500,000 downloads at the time, and I was wondering whether the demand would die out soon. One million seemed like an impossible number. I thought, for sure, at the end of the ten days they'd've had around 800,000 at most.

I was wrong. It's been four (well, okay, five now) days, and they reached their goal. One million downloads and six days to go. So, I urge you, my fellow internet-folk, to go to the website and check it out. I use it almost exclusively (and have since I switched from Netscape/Mozilla a year or so ago), and I haven't had any problems (takes a little while to remember that you have to unblock popups sometimes, but otherwise...) Download a copy, or, if I know you in RL, I can burn you a CD with the latest release. I also have Thunderbird 0.8 (I'm just now trying it out), to replace that buggy, insecure Eudora or Outlook you have.

I should mention that there are versions available for Linux, MacOS, OS/2 and others as well.
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