Sunday, September 26, 2004

Inversely Proportional

Why is it that whenever things seem to be looking up for me, whether it's socially or romantically, or whatever, things get worse for others? It gets annoying pretty quickly, as if I'm some sort of karmic "not-gate".

In other news, I had a very nice lunch at Chili's with Kyle today. Then, we went back to Kyle's place, where we were hanging out (he'd bought a mini-tape recorder for his midnight inspirations) when I checked my messages. Two of them, from Scott, wondering where I was. I'd forgotten about the PhiSig Museum/Imax trip! So, after inviting Kyle (who declined, unfortunately), I drove as fast as I could to the museum. Unfortunately, the Imax show is only about forty minutes long, and I got there about thirty minutes in. :-/ But, I did get to go to a couple exhibits before we headed out. Scott had to go home 'cause he wasn't feeling well, though. But Sarah and I had some good time to talk, and I found out that she's kinda feeling like I am about PhiSig. So, not sure what to do about that. Don't know that I care all that much anymore.

And I can't decide whether it's "inversly" or "inversely", so I'm going to leave it as the latter for now.
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