Friday, September 17, 2004

Monsters in the Night, Part I

Another original poem for you to enjoy!
The periphery is flecked

With colors bright
Ahead lies only darkness
And monsters in the night

Behind me I hear laughter
And weeping, sometimes, too
Ahead is nothing
A thick blanket
Covering all thought
All vision

All my screams
Are eaten by the Void
And nothing
No one
Recognizes the path down which I tread
The path down which we all tread

As time goes on (for I think it must)
The sounds behind me fade
I'm left with just my memories
"Shadows of a shade"

I lie there, float there
My mind makes demons true
For with no way to anchor my id
I've lost hold of the other two

And tongues
And teeth
And snaps
Tease my curled back

But these I take with ease
I know that soon my wicked past
will turn this night to hell

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