Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Rehearsal was frustrating today. And let me tell you why.

It actually started yesterday. I left rehearsal after act one so I could get my French homework done. Being the conductor, this is a more dangerous thing to do than as an instrumentalist. But I did it anyway. Hey, I'm paying for the class, and dearly. Anyway. I left early.

So, today Gina calls me and asks if it would be okay to have another conductor ccome in; someone who could kinda take over for me when I'm not there, and maybe we could switch off or something. Anyway, the way that Gina put it was amenable. Either way, I win. I either get to conduct the full thing, or someone else does it and I get to have a life again (well, kinda).

So, I get to rehearsal, unsure of whether I'll be able to stay the whole time (not having had a chance to do my homework yet), and Jamie comes by and tries to exlpain that she was the one who had brought up the idea of having someone else. Now, I didn't catch on right away (I'm a trusting sort), but what her subtext was saying was: I don't think you're quite good enough to be conducting the show that I'm in, so I've found someone to replace you.

Keep in mind, this is three days before the first show.

Now, I don't normally say these sorts of things, but no one in the show is "quite good enough." The Mikado is a difficult show. The actors don't know all their lines (or songs) and the orchestra got the music a week ago. A week. Very few in their right mind would agree to rehearse an orchestra that, for the most part has not ever seen the music before, and while is good is not a professional-level orchestra, and get them ready to play in a week.

Fortunately, I am not in my right mind. While we are not perfect (we lack all the players we need, we have some problems with notes and rhythms yet, and, yes, I am not the best conductor for the job), we are the only orchestra and director they've got.

Until today, when Jamie brought in her friend. Now, I was amicable to the idea of sharing the job before Jamie talked to me, and as the first act progressed I began to think about what she'd said, and decided, by god, I would not be replaced now. In addition, the first act didn't go all that well. My tempos were slow and I couldn't get the chorus to speed up after having started. So. It was frustrating. And, when I did start at the right tempo, some of the chorus followed me, and some didn't, and they changed tempi throughout the song, and it was just a big old mess.

Well, I'd finished my homework by the beginning of rehearsal, so I did stay to do the second act. I'd decided that, as I can't be there tomorrow, I may as well use the conductor that was offered me and have him come tomorrow. Well, by the end of the second act, he'd decided he didn't want to do it. So, tomorrow will be great fun for everyone.


Anyway, not a whole lot of other news. I await Scott's return 'cause I need someone to hang out with (seems like everyone is busy or gone). Coffee with Andrew went alright, but not in the direction I would've liked. I can't decide how I want to proceed. Sometimes I'm attracted, and sometimes I'm not so much. Sigh.

I don't think I'll have to worry about being too timid anymore, though. To put it gently, I'm not a virgin as of last Sunday. Yay! I think!

Anyway, I must to bed. Be well, all.
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