Saturday, June 12, 2004

R'thoria's Used Plot Elements

R'thoriaHey everyone! Welcome to R'thoria's Used Plot Element Emporium! I'm your host and proprietess, R'thoria (ruh-THOR-ee-uh) Deadwood. For those of you that can't figure it out from the title (admit it, you know who you are!), we sell a wide variety of pre-owned plot elements, deriving from all genres of literature from all periods of time. And they're generally only slightly damaged, which means you pay next to nothing for a near-new storyline! What a deal!

Today, in honor of being a fabulously wonderful gal (and, my best friend Zane is in town), RUPE is proud to offer a fine selection of Queer-themed plots. Fresh in!

Greek at the Knees

Greek KneesTake seventeen young gay men, a college campus, six mentors, and a gay fraternity, mix well, and pretty soon you have drama! You also have Greek at the Knees, a thoughtful presentation of the classic theme of brotherhood. Set in the city of Bladder, the young men must deal with each of their own lives while coming to terms with each other and learning to work toward a common goal as a family. Despite the tensions - and occasional drama - that develop, the group finds itself reaching for the ever-elusive "it," and reaping the rewards of brotherhood in ways they had never considered.

Underneath the main plot live the romantic subplots, which are developed subtly and in a different way for each character. As they become closer, some of the young men find themselves falling in - and occasionally out - of love with one another, creating a dynamic tension which interacts beautifully with the main plot.

Seven brides for Seven Sisters

Based on the 20th-century musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, this story takes place in downtown San Fransisco in early 2004. The Pontifee sisters search out true love while dealing with the harsh life of San Fran. The fourteenth act sees their journey across the wide continent as they travel to Massachusetts to seek eventual confirmation of their love. Throughout, the characters must battle prejudice, hatred and having only one bathroom in their apartment (yikes!). Although the play is mostly fluff, the underlying currents do allow the characters to grow and change. Well worth its 25 hours, though you may want to take it in doses.

Weathertop Story

The classic story of Romeo and Juliet is told once again through song and dance in this neo-romantical parody of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Frodeo, the hobbit, finds himself falling madly in love with the only son of his enemy, Sauron, as he journeys to destroy the One Ring.

The play takes place entirely on Weathertop, in the space of a few hours. We see the young lovers meet while exploring the hilltop, fall in love and spend a passionate ten minutes in the bushes before being discovered by Samewise, Frodeo's guardian, and the Ringwraiths. The hobbits and the wraiths fight, and in the scuffle Frodeo throws himself upon the wraiths, only to be struck. Meanwhile, his lover is set ablaze by Frodeo's extremely distant cousin Aragord, and left for dead. The story ends with an uncertain twinge, as Frodeo is taken away, unconscious, by Samewise and Aragord.

Not truly the greatest tale ever told, but if you're in the mood for darkness and have a hairy-foot fetish, this one's for you!

Well, that's all that I've got for now! Remember, for Action! Adventure! Hairy men, be they wookies or hobbits! Come on down to R'thoria's Used Plot Elements / Wookie/Hobbit Emporium / Restaurant!

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