Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A short update:

Mikado, at least the three performances so far, has gone well. Three more coming up this weekend, then that's the end of that. The whole frustrating situation had essentially disappeared by Thursday, which was the dress rehearsal, so everyone was (more or less) happy.

Monday night I went over to Andrew's and we talked for a while. Either the boy is oblivious or not interested. Anyway. Tuesday I went up to Brandon's and we also talked for a while. Tonight we went and saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which was actually quite good. I enjoyed it, partially because it was a bit darker in tone and subject, and partially simply because I enjoyed the book. Plus I got to spend some time with Brandon, which I do enjoy.

Otherwise, today wasn't all that great a day. I got up late, which meant that my roommate got into the shower ahead of me, which meant I was running late when I left. Fortunately, I leave about ten minutes early, so I was alright. But I almost ran into another cyclist on my way out, and some pedestrians, and then again on my way back. Then, I forgot my wallet after I left for work, which meant that I could only get less than $6 worth of food at the burger stand, as that's how much cash was in the car (I'm going to greatly replenish its stock tomorrow). Then, eating my little lunch, I dropped it onto my lap. And I had a frustrating afternoon trying deperately to code in Visual Basic which isn't for Beginners, isn't very All-purpose, and doesn't seem to be Symbolic so far as I can tell. Nor could I find the "visual" part. But it is indeed Instruction Code. (The worst part is trying to use the incomplete m$ Access reference manual, which doesn't, always, actually refer to commands in Access.) So I eventually had to give up on that, though I'm convinced that about 20 lines of PHP could do the task quite nicely.

I did get my homework done tonight, well my composition, anyway. Tomorrow, I don't know what I have going on for sure. Friday I need to remember to bring an extra stand for The Mikado, since we'll have an extra flautist. Saturday is a wedding and more Mikado. Sunday is pride and more Mikado, though we'll see whether I get to go to pride.

Oh, and in case any of the images stop working: the imageserver where they were hosted is undergoing some upgrades, so it may be offline for a while.

I need to write some articles. Hmm....

Poetry time:

A soft nimbus surrounds the pit
Another flautist must fit in it.
With strings, a keyboard, drums and winds
Our music with the actors' blends
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