Sunday, June 27, 2004


What a weekend. I sure wish that I'd had a chance to rest some more, but... I didn't. Friday, after work, I went down and conducted The Mikado... again (that was the fourth show). Then, Saturday early afternoon I had a wedding to play in Ft. Collins, so I had to get up there, then back down for the fifth Mikado show, then home. Today, I did my laundry in the morning, had a matinee to conduct, went afterwards to jazz band rehearsal, and then to the cast party, as today was the final performance. Busy. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to participate in Pride this year, on account of, well, see above.

The last few performances went well. I don't remember at this moment whether I've said it, but when I first saw a recording of the show, I said to myself, "There's no way they'll be able to do it." And that's partly true - after all, each show is unique, and they didn't have the cast or crew or money or sets or lights or orchestra to do the show that I saw in the recording. But, they did manage to do the show, and while it does remain community theater, I am very impressed that they were able to pull it off at all, especially the vocal parts, which were exceedingly difficult

I'd also like to state that I am also very very much impressed with and indebted to the instrumentalists. They received the music a week and a half before the first performance, managed to learn it sufficiently to play it (and it's not easy music, either. Where the actors are singing, it's not hard, in general, but the in-between parts are). They also followed me, and, perhaps most importantly, put up with me while I was learning not only the music but how to conduct an oper(a/etta). It's something different than a regular performance, let me tell you. You have to pay attention to the actors, take a combination of your tempi, the actors' tempi, and the orchestra's tempi (ie, how fast each group can actually play/sing), be ready to help the actors occasionally with lines (happened a couple times), be ready in case the actors skip lines, or forget them entirely, come in neither too soon nor too late, make sure the orchestra blends and doesn't overpower the singers, and vice versa... Quite a learning experience. Thank you again to Dale, Jean, Cheryl, Suzan, Millie, Martha, Don and most especially Rebecca, who donated somewhere around eight weeks of her time to be the rehearsal accompanist, at my request ('course, I didn't know that they'd rehearse for so long each time, nor did I expect her to have to be at all of them, but they did and she was at most). I intend to get something nice for each of them, but I don't know what yet. A card at least.

Which remains me: they got me a rose! A very pretty rose, too, I might add. And they signed a program and gave it to me! I just don't know what to do!

Anyway, what else do I have to say for tonight? Only another week of class, then I'm off (yay!), though I'll still be working, full-time again. That's another thing. I've been offered a position teaching viola at Universal Music, when the school year gets going again. The question is, is it something that I should do? Something I want to do? I've been offered to continue with my current consulting job, which, as I've mentioned before, pays very well. It's not something I want to give up, in terms of finances. But, I would kinda like to have some students. I could certainly teach beginning violists (violinists, too, for that matter, at that level it's all basically the same), and possibly even more advanced ones. And it is a job, which means that I'd have money coming in more or less constantly (depending on the number of students). But again, the consulting job pays very well, is constant, and I have been asked to stay on for a while. So. I dunno yet.

Upcoming this week: more school and work, I have a final on the 2nd, I may have a gig on the 4th, one on the 5th, and there might be something else along in there sometwhere, too. No rest for the wicked, the virtuous, or the middling. Sigh.

There's a new R'thoria post over at my livejournal. We're finally coming to some of the ones I really like!


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