Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Okay, so here's an update. A better one than the last, even. I started summer session today, taking French Composition (umm... again) so that I can hopefully replace my previous D+ with at least a C- so I can stop taking french but still graduate with my degree in linguistics.

Sunday, I went bookshopping with my sister and my mom. Yay! BoOkS! I hadn't been bookshopping - not with the intention of buying more than one non-class-related book - in quite some time. So, here's what I got: Equal Rites, by Terry Pratchett. Near as I can tell, third book in the Discworld Series; The Dispossessed and The Other Wind by Ursula K. LeGuin, who was recommended to me at some point in the past by somebody; and two books on Leonardo da Vinci for my sister's graduation present (umm... yeah, she graduated last Friday :-P). I've completely read Equal Rites, which I finished the same day (which was the point! I like light, easy reads now and then!), and I've gotten through a bit of The Dispossessed, which I am indeed liking, though there are some parts which trouble me; fortunately, it's gotten me thinking about some of the problems with true anarchy. (Specificly, there's a part in the very beginning where a group throws stones at someone they view as a traitor [and who happens to be the protagonist], but miss and instead hit one of the "Defense," who are readying the ship Shevek [the protagonist] is boarding, and kill him. And... nothing is done. The death is paid no mind. That doesn't seem right to me.)

For other news, well, I'm back in B-town, obviously so I can go to class. Also, turns out Nat plays violin. Small world, with, like, gazillions of violinists, isn't it?

Quartet rehearsal tomorrow after work. I hope I can keep up with my schoolwork.

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