Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Alright, lengthy boring update:

Firstly, since everyone already knows (18 gay boys and a secret? I think NOT!), yes, it was indeed Chris whom I made out with.

Since the third: I came back to Boulder on the 5th after we celebrated mom's birthday. The 6th Jason, Chris and I went to the rec center and worked out (lifting weights). I mentioned my idea of taking a self-defense or martial arts class as a colony, which would be good for us to know and it could help build brotherhood, and we spoke with a gentleman who told us that, yes, it could be done, but generally they don't do self-defense classes for men (he mentioned something asinine about both parties being jailed in a bar fight), and he'd have to ask himself about the politics behind it or some crap like that. Of course, Jason, Chris and I didn't really feel like saying, "We're fags" so we just let it slide. He also mentioned some other things we could do, such as a ropes course or CPR training, though I don't understand how CPR training would help us bond, but whatever. I was extremely sore that night, and the whole next day as well.

Thursday I went and got my book from the bookstore. They had all of my books, but unfortunately only one of them was available used. So I got that one and came back home and ordered most of the rest online. Thursday night, we went to Dream and met the Big Brothers there. Some folks showed up ever so slightly intoxicated, which didn't make the best impression. The club was alright. I'm not a big fan of clubs, as you know, but I did manage to have some fun anyway. Afterwards, we went to Denny's and then Dusty and I came back to my apartment since he stayed with me while he was in town.

Friday was the Great Sock Adventure, in which our hero, yours truly, and his trusty Big Brother, that'd be Dusty if you don't know, journeyed to Target, Land of Much Clothing to purchase some socks. On the way home, we stopped in at a SuperCuts for haircuts, and the stylist was drunk. Not terribly so, but definitely happier than she should have been. *nods* She managed to do a decent job, though. We met Jason and Chris for lunch at Noodles, and then we came back and talked for a while before getting together with Tony and Jeff to have dinner and study. Just as Tony and Jeff were leaving, Papu and Xavier showed up, so we studied a while with them, too. And, of course, talked, mostly about boys. Hehe, not something I'm used to yet... Saturday we went with Chris, Jason and Xavier to Pearl Street and walked up and down the mall. It was a lot of fun. That evening we went down to OC to meet most of the rest of the crew and hang out. Some of the older folks went to the Yard afterwards.

Sunday morning, I actually coded on my website while Dusty was talking to Andrew (and I, of course, was eavesdropping). I finally added a way to update the links! It took about 10 lines of code, so I wonder why I didn't do it earlier. Oh, wait, that's right! I'm lazy. Let's see... Dusty and I hung out at my place for a while, until we got ahold of Jeff and Tony and met them at a Starbuck's for some family time. I really enjoy my fellow littles. I had rehearsal after that, which went pretty well, I'm happy to say. Unfortunately, the few hours I spent with them managed to practically undo all my shell out-coming that had happened over the four days with Dusty. But I'm going to try to regain it.

Yesterday was the first day of classes. It went pretty well. My first is at 9 and my second is at 11, so I have an hour in-between to do... something. Probably read, though I might work on the website. We'll see. Fortunately, Sarah is in my 11 and 1 o'clock classes, so I'm not alone in them. Plus, I think I'll have the chance to eat lunch with Scott'n Sarah most MWF, so that'll be good.

As I mentioned previously, I did speak with Brandon. So there. :-p

Phi Sigma Pi was alright. It was the usual first-meeting-of-semester-meeting, planning goals and stuff. But there was a lot more participation this time, which is really good. The DLP colony is so much tighter than the PSP chapter, and I suppose that an alpha class needs to be extremely tight, but that's definitely something we'll work on in PSP this semester. I'm actually kinda excited about it, we have a chance now to do a lot of things and we've got a number of people who are in other fraternities or sororities (PSP is coed, if you didn't know), so we'll have a lot of good ideas. I definitely think that our chapter needs some traditions, since I don't think we really have any to speak of. We're going to be doing family trees (Bigs & Littles) and letters, as well. So we've definitely got a chance to improve. Also, the epsilon class is very vocal. And while they can overdo it sometimes, it's good to get people discussing and interacting.

Today, I worked. Still mornings at Farrand, only now I'm on TR instead of MWF. My lab for today doesn't actually start until next week, so I've been working on the computer for a while now. ASSG meeting tonight. I need to do up (or dup ;-) my calendar still. And type minutes. Minutes first, I think.

All the best to all y'all.
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