Saturday, January 17, 2004


Not in the mood to counter Jason right now, so here's a song!

La la lala la la la, la la lala la la la!

Okay. So, last night was kinda rough for me. Not a great mood, kinda depressed. Still not greatly happy, to be honest. I'm along about the same lines as Chris: frustrated at my lack of relationship. I haven't seen Nate since the first time (though I will be going in to the office next week), so I haven't had a chance to speak with him. Sometimes I think I should just reach out and grab the first guy that comes along. At least then I'd have a chance at having some experience in the realm of dating. 'Course, I could always date a girl *dun-dun-DUN!*, though I don't think that'd really work for me.

Since Wednesday: work, school. School. Doom! Work.

I won't be able to go to WICKED this year, which is the PSP western regional conference, since it's Feb 6-8 and I've got a quartet gig the 7th and a concert the 8th.

I'm about to go out with Edain and Jamie and someone else to see Return of the King, which should be good. Again. :-p

All the best
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