Tuesday, January 13, 2004

So, I finished up the minutes, and went to my physics lab lecture, which was alright, I guess. Then, after dinner, I went to the ASSG meeting to take some pictures to post on the website. And there I met an absolutely stunning god-hunk of a man. Well, okay that's probably pushing the limits of truth a little. But he is cute. And I mean very cute. Especially when he smiles.

So I'm going to have to either get to know him (which hasn't worked out quite like I've planned in the past... I usually end up with another friend, which is nice, but not quite what I wanted) or tell him flat out like I did Brandon. Or seduce him. Whatever.

Otherwise, not much to say. Worked a bunch on the ASSG website today, so that was good. Mostly I just added the pictures I took. That's all for now. I must plot the seduction. *evil laugh*
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