Thursday, January 22, 2004

Quite a bit has happened since I last wrote. Perhaps not as significant to some other people as it seems to me (and I'm sure it will fade in prominence in time), but I should write about it anyway.

Sunday after the last post, I went and met Kyonee for coffee and an interview. (Turns out that Kyonee knows Cannon... which is how Eizo got invited to the party). He brought along someone he'd met online, Dean. At first I wasn't all that interested. But as time went on (and we migrated over to the Taj to have some chai and chicken), I found myself liking him more and more.

I became quite infatuated with Dean that night. Eventually we had to leave and Kyonee and I went to the meeting.

Monday, Dean and I had lunch together on his work break (I was off due to MLK, Jr day). I didn't talk much, since I'm not always sure what to say. But it was enjoyable, and I invited him into my apartment. He proceeded to look through my cabinets and such (not that I minded), and through the entire apartment (turns out that my key does work on the other bedroom, so Dusty will have an actual bed to sleep in when he comes again), and we hung out for a while before he had to go back to work. He wanted to get together again that night, but I had a family meeting with my surrogate, so I went to that instead.

Tuesday, I had work and then school. We had decided that we would go out that evening since I couldn't go out Monday evening. Dean had told me he was going to play pool with his friends. Turns out he's in a league, which was a bit of a surprise, but there I go, making assumptions again. Anyway, afterwards we did our part to turn Peaberry's into the Gay Coffee Shop and then decided that it would be fun to play a board game or something. If only I had one. So, we went to Target, but didn't see any we liked, so we came back to my apartment.

I'm not going to describe what went on after that point because I'm not ready to, yet. Suffice it to say that nothing bad happened, but nothing like what you pervs are thinking, either. :-p

We did talk for a while, and he made some comments which I thought were interesting but I hadn't put much thought into until today, when I just happened to read a queerbychoice mailinglist digest plugging the Celebrate Friendship website. I've read some of the articles on the site, and I've decided that this is the sort of thing he meant. (I want to point to one article in particular, that of The Cleanser). Isn't it refreshing to see what a little bit of history can do for you?

Now, what does this mean to me? I don't know yet. It mostly depends on how hung up I remain on gender and sexual relationships. Hopefully I'll grow out of that soon ('cause baby, it's kinda getting old). We'll see.

Oh, rehearsal on Wednesday was alright, and today was okay. I went grocery shopping, so now I can finally make that macaroni and cheese!
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