Monday, January 12, 2004

Well, I was hoping that I would have an update about Brandon for this post, and indeed, I do! I went up to his apartment, we greeted, okay, little bit of chitchat okiewhatever. Then I told him flat out that I liked him and asked what he thought about me. Not the most subtle of persons, am I? And not the original plan at all, which was, of course, seduction. ;-) (Brandon noted that it was unusual for me to be so direct. I blame Dusty.) There was a good deal of conversation which followed, but the basic upshot is that, no, he isn't interested. I'm going to assume that what was said was under the "blanket of not talking" (ask Papu if you don't get it), and so I won't repeat it here. There are some elements that I don't understand about it, though.

I am not crushed. Nor am I surprised of the answer, though I am surprised about why. Kinda.

Something he asked me that I've been thinking about is, "What constitutes injustice from a friend?" And it's a good question, I invite anyone who desires to post what they think. I've been thinking about it. The answer I gave is "betrayal of trust." That's a good answer, but vague. What constitutes betrayal of trust? Lying does, of course. Forcing someone to do something they don't want to do could be. Revealing something that the other doesn't want revealed could be. Note that sometimes, it is even the moral thing to do to betray someone's trust, in order, for example, to save eir life. So it's complicated.

Am I deep? Well, no not particularly lately. I like to think that I have profound moments, though. And occasionally a lucid one... ;-) Was I ever deep? ...Maybe, maybe not. Dunno, not sure that I can be "objective" about it. (How can one be objective about profundity anyway? It's terribly subjective...)

What is my passion? Am I passionate anymore? Perhaps not. Perhaps I've mellowed beyond passion. Doesn't really sound like me, though. I'm not that mellow.

Maybe people are my passion. I dunno. DLP is one of my current passions.

I'm going to have to write more later. I've got to go to PSP meeting.
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