Friday, January 23, 2004


I found out last night that Scott and Sarah broke up Wednesday night. Came as a complete surprise to me, though, once again, I probably wasn't paying close enough attention. I'm still not sure why (it didn't feel like the right thing to ask last night when I went over to Scott's, though I was expecting him to talk about it more than he did). Near as I can tell, Scott just doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with Sarah. He still seems to like her as a friend, though. Lunch today with them did not go well, I thought. They were both too mopey to be having lunch together, and I'm sure that sitting with Xav and Dalyn didn't help them (my bad... oops. Oh well. Nothing to be done now.) I feel for them both but I don't really know what I should do. So. We'll see what happens. Hopefully they will both be happier soon. Sarah seemed more upset than Scott, but it could be that Scott just hides his emotions differently than Sarah. I hope he knows how to deal with them properly.

In other news... Um... School today. Got up very late (8:40 for my 9:00 class) and didn't have time to shave. Went to class, came back and got the digital camera for Veronica ('cause she hadn't emailed me yet about a meeting time) and took it to the office before going to class again. Other than that, mostly uneventful.

Now, to let all you silly folks know about what Dean and I did (and you'll think that I'm strange for making the deal out of it that I'm making, and wonder why, and I want you to remember that the first boy I kissed was Chris on New Year's Eve... so I'm rather inexperienced...): We came back to my apartment and Dean showed my some music files on his computer, which were relatively interesting but I was kinda tired and I wasn't paying a great deal of attention. After he got bored of that (and... in case Dean or Kyonee ever reads this... he had his arms crossed during the whole music thing, so what was he uncomfortable about?), we started cuddling, which I enjoyed. Then he began teasing me (not verbally) and said that I was like a puppy in that a grown dog would tease back. Okay, fine. So we start doing a little bit more and the "nose button" subject comes up. He pushes my nose button, and I don't do anything (it wasn't programmed yet). So he asks about it, and I push his. So he owes someone whose name I can't remember a hug. Okay, bizzare. We're going on a little bit more and he pushes it again, so I kiss him (what do you know, it somehow got programmed!)(he later said that he wasn't expecting that that night). And we're going along and we decide that the couch sucks and we should go to the bed. So we go to the bed. And we're making out (clothes still on, people) and I start breathing funny... so I call a stop, figuring my comfort zone has been left. And after that we talk for a while. I was uncomfortable with how I responded for a couple days, but I'm doing better now and am planning on calling him to hang out sometime soon again.

So, there you have it. Not nearly as frothing as you'd hoped, is it? I'm still intrigued with him, but I'm definitely not interested the way that I was Sunday.

So, yay for having more experience. The question now is, is my nose button programmed to "kiss Dean" or "kiss pusher?" Mwahahaha!
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