Saturday, January 03, 2004

Well, let's see... I'm positive stuff happened Monday, but I can't remember what. Tuesday I went over to Rader's for a while and we hung out and went to the mall where I couldn't stop myself from buying "GURPS: Discworld Also." It's a great manual, but now I need "GURPS: DiscWorld." Oh well! Wednesday was New Year's Eve... I won't go into much detail, save that it was fun, and, as Pinky says, I got my first kiss from a boy at (approximately) midnight. Yay! Good tidings for the year ahead. And then, later, I got my first kiss from a straight boy, smack on the lips, woowee wasn't really expecting that one. Oh, and it turns out I'm a bit of a 'ho, but aren't we all, deep down, just a little bit? Thursday morning the family went to Target and used a coupon for a free sitting and a free 8x10. And we didn't buy anything. What a deal, eh? Friday I went over to Jim the Cactus' house for some all-night rp'ing with Oni. The first few hours sucked because everyone was playing computer games and technically they were RPGs, but... yeah. Geoff had no fun with dat shi'. But after we started actually playing it was fun. We played "Solaris" for a while and then some "Paranoia," which is a fun and funny-ass game. Spoon is just amazing at it. Every time I turned around he was shooting someone for being a "commie mutant traitor bastard." (Those are the bad guys in the game. I've nothing against communists, just like I have nothing against republicans. But they're still wrong). And it snowed overnight, which meant I had to drive home this morning in a Honda del Sol (which is a two person sports car, for those of you who don't know), which was very interesting. I made it, obviously, so everything turned out alright.

I finished The Front Runner. It was good, very powerful, I liked it. There were some sex scenes that I don't know were necessary, but I still cried throughout the entire ending. I identified with most of the characters, which is odd for me. Billy, Vince, Harlan, even John and a little bit Jacques. I want to be like Billy, I feel frustrated like Harlan, sometimes I want to go wild like Vince (and, sometimes, I do...), and I want to fight for equality like John. And poor Jacques. I'm afraid I'm most like him, despite what I wish for myself.

Apparently our Big Brothers have been feeling left out, which isn't good. I'm not sure what to do... I haven't been to that many social-type events myself. I know there was the New Year's Eve party, which Tony did come to, and there were some brothers that went out last night or the night before, but I didn't go with them. And I've been in contact with my brother, though unfortunately he's not been in town lately. He will be in town for a while on the 8th, so I will get to see him then. Ooh, I bet he'll be at Dream. That will work out nicely. I suppose I should try to arrange something, too. Maybe a hike before school gets started again? Depends on whether the weather gets nicer or not. I'd like to spend some time with Brandon, too. Still need to talk with him before I let this get too far in my own mind.

And this is bad: I've been considering dropping DLP. Or, at least, considering the ramifications. I won't, of my own volition, I know, unless it becomes too much of a burden on my schoolwork. But... It just now seemed quite tempting. I'm not quite sure why, either.

Anyway. Back to other things.
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