Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Certificates of Deposit

So, my longtime (since childhood) bank, Community First National Bank, is "merging with" (read: has been bought out by) the Bank of the West. Upon receiving notice of the merger, and what will become the news terms of service, I decided that I could not accept these terms, and will be closing my account with them.

Which leads to the next question: what am I to do with the money? It's not a large amount of money; nevertheless, it is my personal, long-term savings and I'd like to keep it seperate from my spending money and still have it doing something useful. Mom suggested a CD, which I quite like. I have now been researching CDs, trying to decide where to put the money. The two with the best rates that I've found so far (looking only at nearby credit unions) are the University of Colorado Federal Credit Union and Bellco - where I believe I had an account at one time that has since been closed. I would likely have to join CUA to join Bellco, which would give me access to many more credit unions. But, the minimum deposit on many of these is much higher than the UofCFCU, while Bellco has a $500 minimum, the same as UofCFCU. And, the rates for the two are nearly identical, currently... so I will probably go with UofCFCU (since I'm already a member).

In related news, write your representative to preserve the credit union tax exemption. Credit Unions are non-profit organizations, existing to serve the needs of their members and the community. Help preserve a choice and fight against corporate dominance!

In not-directly-related news, from Radgeek: Free your mind and the rest will follow, urging No Software Patents, and Strict Construction, arguing why the UN does, in fact, have legally binding power over the United States.

Not on Radgeek but equally interesting (no, I haven't read it all the way through yet): No Treason, an essay on why the Constitution is not legally binding upon the people of the United States, anyway.

The top 25 censored media stories of 2003-2004 from Project Censored.

The Ohio Recount is going forward, thanks to the Greens/Libertarians, and all the folks who donated.

In other news, things are going well. Amy is to come back into town tonight, and Steve tomorrow morning. I can't wait to cuddle with him. And he says he's going to molest me. Yay! :-D

Saw National Treasure with Barry last night. It was alright. Nothing particularly spectacular, though I was gratified that the "treasure" was something relatively worthwhile. I was afraid it would be stupid and boring, but it was actually entertaining. I'm not sure I'd spend $7 or more to see it again, though. I also bought Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire. It has been made into a Broadway musical, and I had been wanting to read it, but the cover art was what made me decide to actually purchase it then and there (so much for resisting corporate dominance... it was in Border's :-( ). I can't describe it to do it justice, so you'll have to have me show it to you. It's got a hole in the outside cover, through which we can see the Witch. When you open that, it shows her carefully holding a monkey, and petting a wolf with a cat nearby. It transforms her into a sympathetic character quite well.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Poetry sometime soon, I think.
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