Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's official!

I have a boyfriend! Whee! And I love him. More so every day. So I'm quite happy about that.

First, weekend update (not the funny one). Thursday my sister called my mom and said she needed to come home, and booked a flight that came in that night. So, Friday came along and I decided I should probably stop in and see my sister, so I spent the night at my parents' house. Saturday was work followed by rehearsal, followed by a party for one of Steve's (my boyfriend) friends, in which I had my first Tuaca Bombs. Whew, those things will get you drunk fast! Anyway, after a while of talking and moderate drinking (for us) and karaoke, well there was going to be some limbo but that never materialized, so we ended up playing poker instead. Texas Hold-'em, not my favorite, but fun enough when you win ;-). Somewhere in there, the male stripper arrived (this was a birthday party for one of Steve's straight female friends), and, well, let's just say you know the stripper's not very attractive when the four gays that are at the party go off to watch Garfield instead. Anyway, in the end the only sober people were the four gay guys who were playing poker, whilst everyone else was drunk off their asses.

I thought it was amusing.

Anyway, Steve and I ended up spending the night there (in the spare bedroom), though the other two (who were a couple also) left. Sunday was the Pops concert, which went alright and which Steve, Barry, Snow and Jared came to. Then, Denny's with Steve and back to his place for a little while before meeting.

All in all, a decent weekend.

Not much else to report. I've a test tonight, and one next Tuesday as well. Busy, busy it seems like.

Also, linkage for y'all.

I won't be able to participate, but there's a plan to Turn Our Backs on Bush.

And, there's what I consider to be the best Indymedia article I've seen yet, Polar Regions Experiencing Severe Climate Change.
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